Make software simulation easy.

Anyone with basic computer skills can use Firefly Simulation Developer to create advanced, sophisticated software simulations, yet Firefly still offers experienced developers incredible control and flexibility.


Firefly Simulation Features.


Comprehensive capturing

Capture everything on your software screen, including live menus, fields, buttons, tool tips, and keystrokes. What about cascading menus, combo boxes, and multiple events performed between screens? We capture them too. Any application, including .Net, Web Java, green screen, and terminal emulation programs? Firefly captures them all—and it's the only tool that does.

Extensive object control

Once you’ve captured your software application, you can use Firefly's simple but powerful authoring and graphics editing tools to select and move screen objects and modify image characteristics (such as line style, color, transparency, and more). Easily convert objects from one type to another through a simple menu selection. You can also define custom screen objects that replicate the style of any user interface, including those in Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and 7, and then save your custom styles as templates and share them with other project team members.

Multiple learning paths

Drag and drop objects in a storyboard format to arrange the simulation’s sequence, including alternate paths to allow for more than one correct action to perform a given step. Record skip paths, branching paths, and reverse paths from screen to screen, or even between simulations.

Built-in coaching & learning validation

Let users explore and discover software functionality or track the actions they perform to assess their competency of the software. Firefly lets you do both so that users can first learn, and then be evaluated, receiving guidance and remediation in the process. An optional Table of Contents feature allows learners to navigate simulations in any order they choose.

Prompts & Feedback Editor

Use built-in text prompts to write and format real-world scenarios and guidelines for software use. You can also create multiple levels of feedback to appear depending on user actions. Additional text editing capabilities include global search and replace functionality and translation tools to enable easy and efficient exports and imports of translated text from your simulations.

Multiple output formats

Produce 508-compliant HTML, PDF, or RTF documents such as step lists and storyboards. Firefly even provides the raw XML and XSL so you can further customize your outputs. Firefly simulations are so flexible, they can be deployed to run inside a web browser, through eLearning courseware, as scoreable courseware objects (SCOs) in an LMS, or as additional support for performance support system (PSS) outputs.

Integrated preview mode

From within the authoring environment, you can easily preview your simulation at any time during development, which streamlines quality assurance testing and reduces development time.

360 degree review

Enable reviewers (such as Subject Matter Experts, QA teams, and even translation houses) to enter suggestions, comments, and defects on each simulation screen—without the need for full license access. Comments become a permanent part of each simulation, providing an audit trail and eliminating the need for third party defect tracking.