Team Mzinga is at your service.

To make any software solution a success, you need more than just technology. That’s where our Services team comes into play—because our team has the skills and best practices to guide and support you throughout every phase of your OmniSocial solution lifecycle.

Services: Strategy

Create a rock-solid plan.
When it comes to community, everything hinges on a clear strategy. It’s the foundation for your entire social initiative—so it has to be a great one. Our strategists will help you create a blueprint that forges a clear path to your business goals. We can review and assess your existing strategy (or help you create one from scratch).

Services: Educate

Get your team on board.
Making your social initiative a success takes a village (well, maybe not a whole village, but certainly a well prepared team). We’ll help you and your team get up to speed on how to knock the ball out of the park.

Services: Implement

Design your site and take it live.
Going social can’t be an add-on. It needs to be infused within how people already experience your brand and your business. OmniSocial makes it easy to design your social solution to your needs, but we’ll help guide you to the best approach.

Services: Manage

Nurture it and watch it grow.
Congratulations, you launched your site! But that’s just the beginning of your social experience. If you want your community to excel, you need to keep your users engaged. We’ll help you produce ongoing programming, content, and activities to keep it active and make it thrive.

Services: Moderate

Protect your brand along the way.
When you launch an OmniSocial site, we put a lot of control at your fingertips. But you can’t control everything your members do or say—and when your brand is on the line, you just can’t take unnecessary risks. Our moderator network helps you maintain brand compliance and reduce your liability risks, saving you from a lot of headaches.